Accomodation during Autumn, Spring and Winter

Imagine a generous resort where your every need has been lovingly thought through. Where every space is filled with abundant beauty and where your comfort is the primary concern. Where every detail has been carefully and lovingly crafted to allow you to relax, let go and enjoy.
Imagine an ancient landscape bathed in history and The Sanctuary of Greek gods, were music and story of great alexander, keverian mystery magic of Island in daily life.
Imagine a spectacular coastline with long sandy beaches, Wild nature, Waterfalls & Natural Hot baths in nature. A place where warmth of heart and wildness of spirit is in the people, the land & the air
Imagine coming to a place so far away, so different and so unique and yet feeling so completely at home.


    Accommodation during Summer Retreat 

    The Accommodation is in the center of Therma Square La Kastania rooms. It has more than 10 rooms with a double bed, single bed and twin room and a garden space help desk. Restaurants are pretty close by 50 meters away as well as the coffee shop and supermarket. 

    The beach is 10 minutes walk and the waterfalls to Paradisus and Gria Vatra are 20 minutes walk.

    Greek, German, and English are spoken at the property.

    Wi-Fi is available.

    Air condition


    Parking space