J. P Sanpedro

JP SanPedro

He has been inspiring and motivating students for over twenty years. His journey started as a personal fitness trainer. In the year 2014, his health started to deteriorate because of an autoimmune disorder and his body stopped responding to exercises like before. He started to feel that he lacked something in his career as a trainer and in the year 2015, he had his first child and immediately after, put on a whole of weight which led to severe back issues that traumatized him. His mental health took a toll on him and he then decided to take up Yoga. Initially, he thought about Yoga being for women and that it wasn’t manly enough for him and soon realized that it wasn’t the case. Yoga is for everyone. He started attending the gym and soon shed down some weight, his anxiety started vanishing and soon became immensely passionate about yoga and started to learn more about Yogic teachings and its anatomy. He found Ritu through a random Google search and soon became a student and is now a teacher of Yoga Gyani. He graduated in his training and started mentoring men like himself. Due to his extensive knowledge in physical fitness, he decided to mix both styles in his teachings. A former student of Yoga Gyani now teaches the Anatomy of Yoga and is an ardent Teacher Training mentor.


Benu Sridhar

Deepen your mindfulness and creativity through the teachings of Benu. With a sprawling practice that of over 30 years, Benu teaches the philosophy of yoga, pranayama and meditation at over 50 schools. A graduate of human anatomy and a student of philosophy, he wanted to dive deep into the physiology of Yoga and stayed at the Sivananda Ashram as a Brahmachari. A keen teacher, he started travelling travelling across India, teaching people various forms of Yoga and its philosophy. Ritu is also a student of Benu and continues to learn from him unto this day. He has students across the world who are truly passionate about his teachings and continue to evolve each day. He holds the court with his knowledge of Sanskrit, Upanishads and Vedas. It is our pleasure to have Benu as a part of Yoga Gyani.


Born in a Delhi, Raj much like his peers took the same academic route while growing up. However, he always wished to do something more fulfilling with his life. He was fascinated by the power of Pranayama and soon began his yoga journey began 5 years ago. He quit a lucrative career in finance and fulfilled his ambition of becoming a yoga teacher.  He now teaches yoga anatomy in Rishikesh, the city that many yogis even the ‘Beatles’ called their home. Inspired to follow his passion further, he practised Iyengar style of yoga and continued to study on deeper levels where he sighted acumen and assertion of what he had been finding on his own through practice. He merged tools like primal movement and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra, meditation and energy healing) to empower his students. He enjoys teaching Musco-skeletal system and share the fascinating, beautiful and amazing facts about the human body on different levels. He uses simple techniques while explaining and making his students understand the essence of this age-old tradition.

 Ritu Rai

I grew up in the amazing country of India, which is the birthplace of Yoga. I started practicing Yoga at a very young age and have been immensely passionate, extremely dedicated and disciplined about it. The stress of having to be the best at everything is nothing new in India. We are always asked to push beyond our boundaries and the only thing that has kept me going between all the stress is practicing Yoga. The burden of years of debilitating anxiety showed me that balancing the rich beauty of life was about being ‘calm’. I realized that by being still and not wanting to chase everything in life, is what will make me achieve my true potential. The practice of mindful living invited me to let go of my beliefs of feeling lost. It prompted me to search within myself what I was seeking outside. Through the practice of Pranayama and Yoga, I found my centre, my space which belonged to me and I started to feel more connected with myself. My practice has changed my life in infinite ways. At the age of 21, I met with a disastrous accident and had a knee-bone injury. I was extremely stressed out and back then I stayed at my Grandmother’s place with my family who loved me dearly and took care of my every need. I was adamant about practicing yoga despite my injury and although the doctor advised against it, I was still determined to practice my art. This episode was truly the beginning of my Yoga journey, this was the road to my transformation as a Yogini because I learned to be more grounded and patient with myself. I started to meditate every day and learned to be more at peace. I encouraged myself not to rush and to trust in the process of everything I am supposed to be. I am a devoted student of Yoga and mindfulness, and I practice yoga every day.I wanted to dive deep into the art of Yoga and took up a course in Rishikesh. Hence forth the journey to the path of Yoga. Today i feel blessed to know these ancient wisdom and practice. Through yoga i learnt to live moderate life with calm nature and Stillness in mind. So i can only encourage others to start yoga and to begin their adventure themself of exploring, seeking. Yoga prevents the mind from fluctuations and bring serinity within us , a sense of balance and stability over the period of practice