J. P Sanpedro

JP SanPedro (Our former student will teach for online TTC)

He has been inspiring and motivating students for over twenty years. His journey started as a personal fitness trainer. In the year 2014, his health started to deteriorate because of an autoimmune disorder and his body stopped responding to exercises like before. He started to feel that he lacked something in his career as a trainer and in the year 2015, he had his first child and immediately after, put on a whole of weight which led to severe back issues that traumatized him. His mental health took a toll on him and he then decided to take up Yoga. Initially, he thought about Yoga being for women and that it wasn’t manly enough for him and soon realized that it wasn’t the case. Yoga is for everyone. He started attending the gym and soon shed down some weight, his anxiety started vanishing and soon became immensely passionate about yoga and started to learn more about Yogic teachings and its anatomy. He found Ritu through a random Google search and soon became a student and is now a teacher of Yoga Gyani. He graduated in his training and started mentoring men like himself. Due to his extensive knowledge in physical fitness, he decided to mix both styles in his teachings. A former student of Yoga Gyani now teaches the Anatomy of Yoga and is an ardent Teacher Training mentor.

Julia Kefer – @juliaflowsgreen

Julia from Vienna, Austria, started her Yoga practice 2015 during her law studies. She
suffered from (lower) back pain, because of her sitting jobs and lifting heavy weights. The
back pain became so strong that even poses like Savasana were painful. After a while, she
quit lifting weights and focused fully on doing Yoga because it helped reduce
discomfort. She got curious about Yoga and its benefits with her regular practice. That’s why she
attended a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ritu. Julia was seeking more knowledge, but
she got so much more inspiration and wisdom in Greece. She loves to flow with
her own breath and energy, so she is certified in Vinyasa Flow. To cure her lower back pain
she practices and teaches Yin Yoga, a passive and gentle kind of Yoga for letting go.
Additionally she has been certified in Yoga for 50+ and works with cacao and the female energy to
dive deeper within. She teaches individuals about their specific needs with a holistic approach.
This contains the connection between Body, Mind & Soul. At the moment she supports a
beautiful Yoga Studio in Vienna as Karma Yogini.