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Are you a Yoga Practitioner and thought about learning Yoga in depth to train others and be an Instructor?
Start the change by doing something productive and indulging yourself with healthy activity…

“Here is your chance to Learn yoga from Indian Teachers specialized in their subjects, offering you the best quality teaching from  the comfort of your home”

To get a certificate you must enroll the course before December 30th, 2020. YogaAlliance® Permits Yogagyani to certify students enrolled before the deadline.

Do you face problems like this?
You are practicing yoga frequently, but you feel you have been neglected or not guided because of group classes or because you have been pushed in a wrong time and wrong place rather than getting attention and being guided looking at your improvements?You attend classes but you repeat the same thing but never been able to get what really is missing that could help you fix your postures? Let it be breath technique, gaze or movements or to understand how to synchronize everything together.
The realization that doesn’t even occur because you have been scratching in the surface with dictation or own perception given to you in Philosophy and you feel lost rather connecting it all as one (union) just because you don’t get the meaning in depth because of language!
Yogagyani mission is to combine the knowledge and walk the students through all the paths without dividing their mind by saying one particular path but to give an access to all and let the students to choose their way.
Learn the Whole history of Yoga, Principles of Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy (sahithya) and Meditation all together as one.
We have specialized teachers from around the world who will help you in every aspects. There is 2 Teachers from India for Philosophy and Asana practice who will always guide you with Yogic Knowledge as it is.We have students who participated in our school for number of courses and stayed with us and research also in their subjects to expand their knowledge.
We have neurologists, heart surgeon who will also give seminars on health purpose about Yoga Practice and benefits of it in our system. Let it be internal in the body or in the mind and to know how it effects externally.
You will learn anatomy from a person who would take you not just in theory of anatomy but show you the Yoga postures and explain it to you Practically.You will have last week’s opportunity to teach and get feedback from teachers to improve on your skills. This way you will also be aware of yourself by teaching another and learning the mistakes you may do often.
Yogagyani offers overall package not just in theory but also practically, so you feel confident when you finish the course and be prepared as a teacher and mentor together.
Let us introduce you…

200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Courses will include:

A: Pranayama
By making pranayama one can regulate the attention to breath which helps for Focusing.
B: Asanas
By Practicing Asanas (Postures) one can achieve the grounding which helps to also balance the body and mind. Asanas (Postures) also helps to get strength and flexibility depending on the discipline of practice.

C: Dyana (Meditation)
Meditation is to still our mind. If one is ready he/she can go for Dhyana, as it is the combination of Pranayama and Asana.
You will not just learn theory and philosophy, but also leave with the understanding of applying the ancient teaching of Yoga to your everyday life.

D: Philosophy (Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Eight limbs of Yoga)
Philosophy is a key of yoga where we can understand only if we follow the fundamental principles of yoga and Discipline of yoga. Patanjali Sutra explains Ashta Anga Yoga before we go to meditation.

E: Anatomy
Raj will be teaching basic Anatomy of Yoga. He will be part of the Teacher Training Program.

We have specialized teachers from around the world who will help you in every aspects.
There is 2 teachers from India for philosophy and Asana practice who will always guide you with Yogic knowledge as it is.
We have students who participated in our school for number of courses and stayed with us and research also in their subjects to expand their knowledge. We have neurologists, heart surgeon who will also give seminars on health purpose about Yoga practice and benefits of it in our system.

What advantages you have if you join this program?

✓ Learn the basic thing to follow in order to start being a Practitioner that has to be applied in order to Level up in Asana, Pranayama or Philosophy.
✓ Learn to Master your Asana, Pranayama by practicing it every day and you may choose to have one on one session so you can have special guidance on your daily Program from your teacher.
✓ Get the Philosophy classes recorded end of the course so you can look back on what you learnt and be able to get the information whenever you want and wherever you are while you forget.
✓ Get help from teachers for Links on what you need to Practice or notes after you finish sessions on Asana practice.
(Let it be counter poses to open the groins, for knee problems to open first the hips, even for shoulder flexors, Muscle endurance or Flexibility)
✓ Learn Hatha in Iyengar way, Ashtanga Primary series and Learn also how to form Vinyasa of your own.
✓ Get materials for all the styles and also reference Videos.
✓ Get materials on anatomy as well as learn anatomy practically in yoga Postures
✓ Learn more than 60 Asana in this 200 hours course
✓ Open your mind with the best teacher who did his studies in Bihar school of university and Shivananda for many years and has got knowledge in depth of yogic Philosophy, Upanishads, Vedas, Rig-Veda, Bagvadgithaand many more.
✓ Learn how to teach by teaching each other
✓ Get confidence in teaching before completing 200 hrs course
✓ Certification of 200 hrs registered with yoga alliance
✓ Anatomy class from Specialized teacher who is also a Yoga practitioner and teacher .
✓ Q&A from doctor on some important things to note for benefits of yoga.
✓ Q&A on neurological effects of Meditation and overall about yoga internally and externally
✓ Materials name to refer and study even after course
✓ Group in Whatsapp or Facebook so students stay in touch and get guidance whenever someone has information to share that can help all and to stay connected if students want to seek any answer or guidance.
✓ Volunteering option.
✓ Earn from Yogagyani being an intern if your Practice has been dedicated throughout the process or trade your teaching with Classes you need from teachers to improve your skills more.
✓ Learn Restorative Postures
✓ We do not carry any intense tests but instead we have assignments on theory and final test on forming a whole 1 hour class but this is to understand where you fall back through training and to give you guidance and feedback on your teaching.
✓ We do not believe in fail and pass but we believe to educating and growing with knowledge without competition or holding someone back.
✓ Key to our teaching is we make sure that we get that quality of teacher in you and provide you the option to learn.

Note: There are NO pre-requirements for this course, except the dedication to put in the effort, the humbleness to learn from experienced mentors and the interest to master yoga on a deeper level.
This is a high-quality course approved by YogaAlliance® and you will see the review in the Yoga alliance from our past students as well.

Why get certified online with Yogagyani?

Yogagyani is one of the leading retreat and yoga teacher training hosts in Greece.

They consist of an experienced team of teachers who are passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga based on their knowledge in their field . Each of them has their own unique teaching style and focus, which will give you exposure to both the dynamic/static postures, Breathing, Meditation, Philosophy, Science, Neurological knowledge. Their broad international experience in yoga and meditation will ensure that you receive a high-quality training with expertise from different teachers and styles. This Training will teach you something every single day a new learning and to put those learning in Practice every day is our teachers duty and they will help you on assisting in those areas that you need to improve and push while needed as well as give restorative poses after intensive practice.

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  • Top recommended school by BookYogaRetreats with 5-star reviews

Course Curriculum

We strictly follow the standard and curriculum of yoga alliance. This is how the curriculum looks like


○ Asana –the classical yoga poses along with their physical, energetic and healing effects. Additional modern additions and variations from intermediate level to advanced.
○ Pranayama
○ Mudras and Bandhas
○ Kriyas –the classical purification exercises
○ Relaxation techniques
○ Meditation –various techniques will be explored
○ How to teach and practice the techniques.


○ Teaching methodology includes demonstration, adjusting and assisting students
○ Teaching styles, qualities of a teacher and the student’s process of learning
○ Class sequencing
○ Cueing (verbal, visual )
○ Class Management
○ Props and tools of teaching
○ Principles of teaching different asana; standing, balancing, seated, core, back bends, restorative/cool down poses etc.
○ Yoga related professional organizations including Yoga alliance credentialing process
○ Ethics of yoga teacher


○ Pranayama (subtle body) Anatomy and how to connect the breath and understand the knowledge of 7 Chakras, 3 important Nadi’s,Energy bodies, Kundalini & Tantra)
○ Anatomy of yoga Postures and materials will be Provided through Google drive to refer the anatomy of knees, Hips, shoulders, Chest openers etc).
○ Nervous System, incl.“fight, flight, freeze’ stress response, vagal theory, overall mind-body connection”.
○ Cardiovascular/circulatory, endocrine, digestive systems as they relate to yoga Practice
○ Respiratory system, including muscle that affect breathing, Involuntary vs Voluntary breath, how air enters and leaves body


○ What is Yoga?
○ 4 paths of Yoga
○ Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
○ The 8 limbs of Yoga
○ History of Yoga/ other styles of Yoga
○ Kriya’s (Purification techniques)
○ The Gunas and 5 Kosha’s
○ What is Tantra?
○ The Bhagavad Gita
○ 3 states of mind
○ Moksha
○ 4 Paths of Yoga
○ 3 important Nadis
○ Dosha’s
○ Sankya Yoga
○ Types of Vedas
○ Ethics and Principles of yoga Teacher


○ Practice teaching, knowledge, skills experience across 12 key competencies
○ Mentorship component, including apprenticeship
○ Receiving feedback
○ Observing others teaching and listening/giving feedback
○ Teaching each other and volunteer to improve the teaching skills.

What's included

Full tuition includes:

-Full Yoga program

-Yoga Alliance 200 hr. eligibility

-Class manual and required books


What's not included

Accomodation ,Food

Flights, extra activities* to book, such as:
• Massage
• Taxi for site seeing.


Schedule for the online yoga teacher traiing course

200 hours online teacher training course for 30 days


06.00 am – 08:00 am (Eastern Europe Standard Time)

Mantra Chanting, Pranayama, and Asana Practice


12.00 - 13.00 p.m. (Eastern Europe Standard Time)

Anatomy of Yoga


14.00 - 15.00 p.m. (Eastern Europe Standard Time)

Philosophy of Yoga


18.00 PM – 19:00 p.m. (Eastern Europe Standard Time)

Asana Practice Ashtanga vinyasa , Meditation, Pranayama

What former students are saying

One Time Payment

200h Online yoga Teacher Training Course - 1600 € - (1 on 1 private lessons)

200h Online yoga Teacher Training Course - 600 € Group price per person.

Complete 200h TTC with:

  • Part 1: Yoga Techniques, Training & Practice
  • Part 2: Teaching Methodology
  • Part 3: Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
  • Part 4: Yoga Philosophy,Lifestyle And Ethics
  • Part 5: Practicum
  • Certificate By Yoga Alliance®
  • Hands-on Personal Support
  • Course Manual
  • Facebook/Whatsapp Group With Former Students & Teachers
  • Live Q&A Session
  • Be an Intern and get paid 

Online  Classes (without certification)

Weekend Group lessons online in zoom - 60 € /per Month

Weekend Group lessons online in zoom - 90 € /per 3 Months (one time payment)

Weekend classes with our teachers

 Saturdays: Vinyasa Flow – Mindful medittion – Pranayama

Sundays: Introduction and breakdown of Ashtanga yoga.