Online Workshop


You attend yoga classes regularly, and you’ve established home practice. If you’d like to take it up a notch, our yoga workshop can offer tools and experiences beyond those usually included in a regular yoga class. Our online workshops are constituted into 12 sessions on Zoom with 1 month and 3 month subscriptions. These workshops are designed for students and teachers. We offer pertinent and comprehensive teachings in our workshops that offer methodical instructions on the internal and external aspects of practicing yoga. Our unique collection of teachings offer an integrated perspective on the art and philosophy of Yoga. It teaches you the foundational psychodynamics required to unravel connections between the body and mind.


● Our workshops are conducted on ZOOM on a subscription basis.
● Self-paced, “start any time” online courses with an innovative blended learning environment.
● Each yoga workshop has an idea or theme. The workshop covers the topics of contents in theory and practice.
● We shall send you the link to zoom to join our classes. 1 st day will be the free demo for 30 minutes. If you like to join you may email us to inquire and block your spots.

Advantages of the Course

● Personalized instructions and modifications, you can ask questions and benefit from targeted assists and advice.
● These workshops can give you valuable tools for modifying poses.
● Workshops draw students from different yoga styles and far-flung places. You’ll connect with a group interested in the same themes, and have more opportunities to interact while you share experiences on the mat and off.