6 days of authentic yoga practice in Samothraki island.

Come join us in the Mysterious island of greek island.
Island of Nike (Goddess of Victory). This island is full of vegetation, waterfalls, hot spring, mountains, sea & the ancient ruins. This place is most famous for the Sanctuary of great gods of Greeks. Now what if I say you have these places to visit and get in a touch with ancient roots of yoga with Yogagyani and instructor specially from
India where yoga is originated. I come from India and I was looking always or dreaming to practice in
a place with hot spring to relax after the practice of yoga and to trek in mountains and to meditation in waterfalls. It was like a dream come true. It’s a beautiful dream being in this island, practicing yoga and relaxing with sound of nature and summer.
Who doesn’t want to have a yoga vacation in a beautiful island of Greece?
I am definitely one of the person to do yoga in nature to feel blessed with the 5 elements earth, air, fire, water, ether, sky.
Samothraki island is a spiritual place were people visit to get energy from the island, Full moon rituals during September second week at the sanctuary of great gods temple.
We organize the retreats in Greece and many people come from different part of world to visit to this island and explore independently and practice yoga.

Morning: hatha vinyasa yoga and pranayama breathing exercise
Evening: ashtanga yoga (beginners primary series) along with guided yoga nidra shavasana daily.

Walk around the town to visit the beautiful waterfalls, sea and taverns around.