Explore and make an adventure deep down to free your mind, body and soul. How ?
1. Discipline
2. Awareness
3. Practice of Breathing exercise (Pranyama)
4. Learning about the Energy points like Chakras
5. Initiation of Pranic energy as said by patanjali yoga sutra

6.Following 8 Steps of meditation “

Patanjali Yoga Sutra number 2 : “Yogash-chitta-vrittihi-nirodaha”. Yoga prevents mind from making waves or whirlpool.

Here he explains us about Yoga as a Practice or tool for chitta(mind related or can refer to consiousness and vriiti (waves or whirlpool) .
The thoughts make the waves and we have to calm those waves. In current generation we live in a fast mode life, Where we listen even if we do not
understand or to say a lot of times we are not in the present nor mindful about our actions. We blame others by reasoning and judging and bring misery and sadness to ourself through our actions which we have not taken to account henceforth we don’t know the karmic reactions towards it. This event which brings sadness or misery is not just an expression and emotion, but also a vibration of the impression of your thought. Our brain is sending signals in everything we see feel, touch, sense, perceive in our life. So being mindful about our self brings some awareness and improves our
observation power. Observation helps in understanding the feeling of impressions. Through our meditation practice we visualize (Antar drishti) as said by Patanjali Sutra. Using Mudra to sense and feel. Paraná to activate our Vital energy to bring harmony to our chakra by sending love to each parts filling oxygen as a positive energy and carbon dioxide as exhale to clean our inner self with kriyas and bandhas focusing on our upward
flowing energy and downward flowing energy.

Buddha: The mind is like water, when its turbulent its difficult to see, when its calm everything becomes clear.
Same way mind gives thoughts some of which may not be a turbulent and some of them may be. Calm mind can see through its reflection clear and the turbulent mind cannot see through the whirlpool of thoughts making different sound all together and leaving the echo of it in the memory as a impression . This is how Patanjali describes how our mind is in the second sutra.

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