The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many institutions and businesses closing their doors temporarily, and with the lockdown, in place, many are stuck at their homes with little to do. With the world shifting more and more into the digital realm, it was only a matter of time before yoga took the plunge also. People are becoming more health-conscious and are opting to join online yoga and also take up classes. People are missing out on their daily practices in Gyms and Yoga studios due to the fear of the deadly pandemic and now choose to practice from their respective homes.

● Your Time, Your Space. Without the need to arrive at a studio at any certain time, online yoga allows you to select the time of the day that suits you to practice
● A Plethora of Choice. Let’s face it, we love choice
● Absolute Comfort
● Online Community
● Deeper Connection
● Fall in Love with the Pause
● Try it LIVE!

Learning Yoga online from your home makes you feel more comfortable. This is especially if you are a beginner. People tend to feel self-conscious in a Yoga studio. You may tend to lose focus because you feel intimidated around a crowd. Learning Yoga online makes it easy, deeply personal, and gives you the utmost satisfaction. For many people today, building and fostering communities online is our primary way of engaging and interacting. You meet many people on a digital platform and are able to interact with Yogis and Yoginis from all across the world. Online classes still have the power to transport you into the present moment and invite you to show up and dedicate this time to yourself. Online yoga classes are a simple and powerful way to stay connected, inspired, and committed to your wellbeing and personal growth. The possibilities are quite endless. We suggest you take up one course from our Yoga Gyani and reap the benefits of an online course all from the
comfort of your home.