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YogaGyani is a registered Yoga Alliance Course that offers Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Intensive Yoga Courses. Certified by the Yoga alliance. Our goal is to bring the much-needed balance to your system

Cultivate your mind and body with our yoga teacher training programmes

Yoga is critical in each individual’s life since it keeps harmony among the body and brain. This is the sort of activity that aids in learning physical and mental control through a given practice. It advances interior and outer power by associating body and brain with nature. Our courses and training have been designed in this line to leave you with happy & satisfied experience in any aspects of our Yoga session

Why you should join us?

Why Yoga Gyani?

“Yoga brings a much-needed balance to the system.”

– Ritu Rai

Our sessions are designed to combat stress holistically, both emotional and bodily stress. Learn how to practice meditation to soothe your body and mind. Each session will teach you how to master the art of ‘Prana’ to relax your body and mind, even in the most challenging situations.  

Yoga is proven to rejuvenate your body, our sessions focus on striking an optimum balance between mind, body and soul. Each session refreshes your body and soul as you learn how to channel your inner strength.  

Our hands-on approach helps learners gain comprehensive knowledge of the art of yoga. Learn to modify poses in a way that is unique to your body, the proper alignment of poses and challenging poses with one-on-one support. Deepen your physical practice with our exclusive teacher training programme. 


The more control you have over your mind and body, 

The more control you have over your life! 

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